The pleasure of buying something timeless

The pleasure of buying something timeless

Given the current uncertain economic climate in the UK, the general consensus may be that consumers are tightening their purse strings and reducing the amount of spending they do. In actual fact, UK consumer spending has grown 2.5% per annum faster than inflation over the past three years. However, while people do appear to be spending, the things they’re buying are changing. It seems that the days of fast-moving trends and throwaway fashion have been replaced with the desire of returning to a time when buying things like clothes and homeware involved a carefully thought out decision process.

“In the last 50 years or so, we’ve gone from investing in good quality products, to the overconsumption of mass-produced goods.”

Rather than buying trendy items that will likely be discarded after a few months, consumers are embracing the opportunity to buy iconic, timeless pieces that are well-made and have a story behind them.

"Perhaps people are increasingly fed up with the combination of poor quality, poor design, lack of originality, and ridiculous prices on offer by retailers."

As well as feeling cheap and low-quality, mass-produced products are also unlikely to stand the test of time. According to a survey by Wrap, a company that campaigns for a sustainable resource-efficient economy, this is an important detail. The results of their survey showed that half of all consumers would be willing to pay extra for products that are advertised to last longer. This is in line with the current economic uncertainty facing the UK, and shows that consumers are preferring to buy premium items that are built to last, and won’t require repurchasing or replacing further down the line.

This more considered approach to spending is particularly apparent in the furniture and home goods sector, with the UK’s 27 million households spending £27.2 billion on buying for their homes in 2015. ‘Whether items are printed, knitted, woven or glazed, 2016’s customers want a “clear sense of the hand of the maker,” says Polly Dickens, creative director of Habitat, “so that they feel connected to the craftsman.” This is reflected in a new wave of websites that sell only well-made products that require a single purchase, with the knowledge that they will last forever.

For many people, the process of buying a mass-produced product pales in comparison to that of buying a high-quality, premium item that will last. From the research that goes into purchasing a timeless piece of furniture or clothing, to the actual experience of buying the item and discovering the engineering and craftsmanship that went into its production, the entire journey is different. And, once the purchasing process is complete, the feeling of having something iconic and well-made in their home, and being amongst the lucky few that own such an item, brings a sense of pride. Products like these also bring a unique type of happiness all on their own through the appreciation and marvel of the handmade details and skill that made them. And, according to the results of a study by two psychologists about spending money on material things vs experiences, it’s the material things that bring more frequent happiness to people, long after the memory of buying it fades.

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