The Beauty of Using Metal in Lighting Solutions

Since the Bronze Age, metal has been used in the production of light and lighting solutions. Granted, in the Bronze Age, the ‘light’ would simply have been a bowl containing oil and a wick - however this ‘lamp’ would still have been used to light rooms and spaces. Since then, metal has gone on to play an ever-increasing role in light production. This strong, hard-wearing, and robust material enables designers and manufacturers to meet a variety of needs, thanks to its malleability and variety of finishes. However, it’s not all good news. As desire for these lighting products has grown, so too has the need for mass production. Metal used in lighting is now typically processed on a factory line and molded using large-scale machinery. Although these processes meet the requirements at hand, they ultimately overlook the beauty of hand-crafted metalwork and the skills of artisans. Thankfully, this is not the approach we take at Original BTC.


Respecting the materials

Dedicated to constructing beautiful metal lighting designs on British soil, the skilled metalworkers at our Birmingham factory use centuries old techniques to create truly authentic and classic lighting designs, some of which originate from East India Docks in the 1880s. Lamp housings are forged from molten brass and gunmetal, while aluminium, copper and brass shades and bases are stamped and spun by hand from their original sheet-metal state. This hands-on approach means specialists are able to bring out the best of the materials at hand, and introduce aspects of individuality – factors that are not possible on an automated factory line.


Brass lighting

When choosing metals to use in the production of light fittings, brass has a variety of benefits that make it a go-to material for artisans. The metal is durable, resistant to corrosion, and is hugely versatile, giving designers the opportunity to fully realise their ideas and concepts.


An example of using the inherent characteristics of brass to create a beautiful light shade can be seen in our Stanley Medium Pendant Light.


Copper lighting

Similar to brass, copper has a variety of benefits that make it ideal for use in light production. Not only is the material aesthetically pleasing, it’s also strong, suitable for indoor and outdoor use (due to corrosion resistance), and is easy to work with due to its malleability.


The Original BTC WalterTable lamp is an excellent example of copper used in a stylish yet functional way. 

Aluminium lighting

The key feature of aluminium is its weight in comparison to other metals. Due to the fact it’s much lighter than steel or iron, it’s possible to create robust designs without producing an extremely heavy light. Equally, the corrosion resistant properties of the material mean it’s ideal for outdoor use. 

To illustrate the tough yet light-weight appearance that can be achieved with aluminium, check out our OvalAluminium Bulkhead Light


As you can see, metal enables designers and artisans to produce not only beautiful creations, but also helps provide a variety of unique features. To see which of our lights best meets the needs of your upcoming projects, speak to us today on 0845 094 1858 or visit our website.