Statement Lighting

The phrase ‘statement lighting’ is frequently used by interior designers and in magazines, usually in reference to scale or flamboyance of fitting.  While scale is certainly  one way to make statement, it’s not always feasible to fit a grandly proportioned pendant in lower ceilinged rooms, so it’s worth exploring alternative approaches with your lighting scheme.

Colour Pop

When it comes to colour, there are so many options to explore. Our Titan Pendant is available in punchy yellow and red, as well as more muted olive green and putty grey. 

Whether you go for a bright, look-at-me primary or a more tonal option, introducing colour via your light fittings is a sure-fire way of creating interest.  It’s also particularly effective in contemporary kitchens and bathrooms where rows of shiny cabinets can look a little austere.

Three is the Magic Number 

Three is the magic number when it comes to multiple light fittings. Over a kitchen island or over a dining table – a row of three pendants will always create a strong visual impact. If you’re looking for a central lighting source, you can push the boat out even further. We offer several of our pendants - including the Fin and Drop - in ready-made groupings of three, seven and 11. Hung from a single ceiling rose, they do all the hard work for you.

Mix it Up

Consider also how your lights are hung.  Avoid the inclination to always use pendants as a central lighting source. Drop a pendant – or even a pair – low in the corner of a room to create an unexpected focal point. The pendants themselves may be small in scale, but their impact will certainly make a statement.

Bold as Brass

Often referred to as jewellery for the home, the right light fittings can complete or transform your interior scheme. Just like jewellery, a flash of brass, copper or gold can lift your room, bringing a touch of opulence to an otherwise sedate scheme. 

Grand Scale

When it comes to scale, dramatically proportioned lights are certainly the most obvious way to create impact.  A real conversation piece, our generously sized Cranton chandelier is made up of five tiers of 140 overlapping hexagonal bone china discs. From start to finish, each pendant takes five days to manufacture, in an entirely hand-made process beginning with raw clay being mixed into slip and ending with an application of glaze before final firing to create a perfectly glossy finish. Ideally used in conjunction with a dimmer, the Cranton provides enough light for an entire room or can be dimmed down to create a glowing, architectural statement.

To find out more about our range of statement, visit one of our flagship showrooms in London, New York and Paris or follow us on Instagram for more statement lighting inspiration.