Small Space, Big Impact - Exploring Solutions for Compact Interiors

From modest homes and apartments to small rooms and spaces, many interior projects require ingenuity to create the appearance of scale. Any room, no matter how small, does have the potential for a big impact if designed and decorated appropriately.

A Sense of Space

When creating the illusion of space, simple solutions such as light colours on walls can help the room seem brighter and more open. High shelving maximises storage, while also making the walls appear taller, and strategically placed mirrors give the impression of space beyond the frame. These “quick-fix” ideas work well to increase the perceived space within a room, but there’s more to be done. Carefully considered lights can also completely transform the atmosphere of a room. Here’s a few suggestions to get you started…

Lighting the Way

Stripes have the potential to visually elongate a space, which is why our Pillar LED Wall Lights are a suitable addition for smaller interiors. Their long, narrow frame helps lengthen the surrounding walls and suggest a higher ceiling. Additionally, the prismatic glass diffuser creates a soft glow that is evenly spread across the whole space, making it appear larger. Available in a weathered brass, polished brass or chrome plated finish, there is a material to match your overall interior. 

Particularly fitting for rooms with low ceilings, our new Sopra range provides a great alternative to larger ceiling lights and pendants. Bringing style to the room without intruding on space, this collection elevates the humble recessed downlight into a unique decorative feature. The Sopra Light is available in three textural finishes – quilted, ridged and plain – all enhancing the translucent aesthetic of the bone china.

Choices and Freedom

Especially true for smaller apartments, rooms often have multiple uses and so the décor needs to reflect this versatility. Lighting is usually considered to be a permanent feature, but we have developed several lights that encourage such flexibility.

The Original BTC Portable Pleat Wall Light may at first seem like a static fixture, but this is not the case. With a 2.5m cable and inline switch and plug, this light can be moved around the room depending on the requirements. Whether it’s drawing light into dark corners, or exuding a warm central glow, this light can do it all. The pleated bone china shade also ensures that wherever the light is mounted, it always remains visually pleasing.

Adding an element of movement to a traditional pendant design, is our Rise & Fall School Light. This pendant can be raised and lowered effortlessly, meaning that you can seamlessly change between a focused pool of light over a workspace to a wider spread of light across the whole room. Available in aluminium or copper, and in a range of colours, this light will fit with any design theme and provide every room with a highly engaging focal point. 

Lights for Every Project

From wall lights and pendants, to table lights and bulkheads, here at Original BTC we have the perfect light for whatever project you’re working on. So, to see our entire collection simply visit our homepage or call us on 020 7351 2130.