How to Light Your Outdoor Space this Summer

With long summer evenings upon us, it’s time to make the most of our outdoor spaces. Effective outdoor lighting is a great way to make sure you don’t need to move inside after sunset. There are so many areas you can bring to life using outdoor lighting - it’s perfect for highlighting patios, water features or simply illuminating a driveway.

As your chosen lights will need to withstand Mother Nature, you also need to ensure that they are durable and will create the perfect atmosphere regardless of the weather. Below is both advice and inspiration on how to make the most of outdoor lighting…

Making an entrance

Driving up to a beautiful property should be part of the experience. Floor-level lighting is not only practical; it is also a great way to draw the eye gently up towards the entrance itself. The subtlety of inset lighting keeps the focus on the property itself whilst providing a gently lit pathway to guide any guests.

You always need to ensure that floor lighting will withstand pressure – inset lights set behind metal finishes like cast brass are a great way to balance aesthetics and functionality. 

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Providing a backdrop

Wall-based downlights are a great way to provide a soft backdrop to a patio. Each downlight can gently draw attention to exotic plants or stunning ceramics - without detracting from the rest of the garden.

Patios are often in frequent use so energy efficiency is a key consideration. Keep an eye out for both the lifespan of the lamp and its efficiency - LEDs are perfect for this as they are built to last and produce high outputs at low wattages. Product idea:

Creating movement

Water features are beautiful additions to any outdoor space. Water creates a sense of movement that can be accentuated with lighting. Light refraction will build interest across the whole area, as the lighting intensity will continuously change on every surface.

It sounds obvious, but you need to be incredibly careful when choosing underwater lighting. The lights will need to be approved for submerged use and be carefully installed. 

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Making a statement

There are many features that can be improved by lighting, but don’t forget that the light itself can also be the focal point. Statement pieces that directly link to a particular theme or era are a discussion point in themselves.

When lighting is the key statement piece in an outdoor space, premium quality and authenticity are even more essential. Traditional handcrafted manufacturing is the perfect way to build the right impression and truly bring your outdoor space to life. Product idea:

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