Choosing the best bathroom lighting

In today’s busy world, the bathroom can become an oasis in a sea of responsibilities and daily tasks. A place to enjoy privacy, relaxation, and lavish comfort. To create the perfect atmosphere in your bathroom, be sure to give special consideration to the lighting that is used. To help you do this, we have listed different types of lighting that work best in a bathroom environment, and a few products that can help you build a calming retreat.

Task lighting


This type of lighting illuminates an area which is used for a specific purpose. For example, a mirror used for shaving or applying make-up. In this instance, bright, clear lighting should be chosen over more ambient lighting, in order to facilitate increased visibility. Consider wall lights on one or both sides of the mirror.

Product idea:

Weatherproof ship's well glass light:

Pillar wall light:

Accent lighting


Accent lighting is used to highlight features within the bathroom such as plants, artwork, walls or even freestanding bathtubs. In instances where there are built-in shelves or units, few things will draw the eye and create a focal point like recessed lights.

Decorative and ambient lighting


Decorative and ambient lighting refers to attractive general illumination, which is all about style rather than plain function. Choose a striking wall light which adds atmosphere to your bathroom whilst enabling you to see everything you need to within the room.


Product idea:

Medium box wall light: 

Well glass wall light:


Hampton wall light:

Bathroom lighting considerations


When selecting lights for your bathroom, the units you can choose depend on their location within the room, as well as their IP rating. 

As you can see from the above image, bathrooms are divided into zones. The zones are determined by their proximity to water outlets and taps. With regards to IP ratings (‘ingress protection’), in zone 1 and 2, light fittings should have a minimum level of IP44 (splash proof). If they are likely to be cleaned using water jets (including direct contact from a shower or hose) they should have a minimum level of IP55. Thankfully, at Original BTC we produce an extensive range of IP44 rated (or higher) products, which are suitable for zone 1 or zone 2 bathroom use.

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